One-use label 4х4 cm
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One-use label 4х4 cm


Radiofrequency label 4x4 cm. is a self-adhesive tag black/white color or with false barcode, which using for protection the goods against theft in sales floor at the store.  

Marking process is performed manually or using special automatic applicator. At the antitheft labels in order to save resources can be applied different of information about the product: name, price, a real bar code and so.

Attention! It is necessary to follow several rules for the normal functioning of the labels:

•    It’s important to stick the label on a clean and dry surface;
•    recommended to stick the label on the same plane and at the smooth surface;
•    do not shift and bend the label;
•    do not stick the labels on each other;
•    do not use damaged labels;
•    It’s impossible to stick labels to the metal surface.
  • Operating frequency8,2 – 10 MHz
  • Dimensions4х4 cm
  • Colorblack, white, barcode

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