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People counters Hella


Operating principle: 3D counter is the latest solution based on video surveillance for people counting and purchasing behavior identifying. It works in 3D format:
• tracks position and height of all objects in the coverage area, the direction of their movements, their shape and size;
• one device includes all the features (collects, stores, alerts, reports) - there is no need to purchase additional computers or devices for data collection;
• all operations of setting up and diagnosing can be realized remotely. There is also the configuration of tracking interval – from 120 cm to 220 cm, which fits the average buyer height. The device detects the presence of human due to head and shoulders, i.e. it recognizes the shape and height of the objects.

Then, according to the algorithm of operation, the device admits an object to be a person and counts it, or it admits an object to be an extraneous element and does not include it to the count. The system will count a person only if he enters the visibility zone of the counter, cross the filtration area and the counting line and then enters the store. If a person enters the visibility area of the counter, but doesn’t enter the store - it won’t be counted.

• High accuracy, more than 98%;
• The only counter that can track not only the position but also the height of all objects in the coverage area (height data);
• Flexible settings for a specific room;
• It’s the only counter with possibility to perform remotely all operations of setting and diagnosing;
• Built-in video surveillance system;
• Flash-memory provides safety of configuration settings and all data in case of power failure.
  • Installation MethodCeiling
  • Viewing angleup to 4.9m x 4.1m
  • ManufacturerHella
Easy commissioning:
  • • Large detection range (up to 110 °);
  • • The high degree of flexibility during installation of the sensor;
  • • Even if the camera is not centered, it still can collect data in a full range;
  • • Easy setup for several minutes;
  • • Remote configuration and servicing via web-interface.

Even more possibilities:
  • • Different fields of applications: commerce, retail, exhibitions and events etc. Installation in a variety of objects: buses and trains, airports, retail chains, shops, shopping centers, terminals, public buildings;
  • • The transmission of information about the current situation at the entrance door and visitors’ routes;
  • • A simple connection that ensures safety and convenience of engineering;
  • • Compact and reliable design;
  • • Individual connection and usage: Various communication protocols are available through the Internet, RS-485 and TCP / IP; Communication protocols can be integrated according to customer;
  • • Possible little branding according to customer (f.e. a company logo in the client system software).

Maximum precision and reliability:
  • • The maximum accuracy in a compact form;
  • • The accuracy of counting is up to 98%, even in difficult conditions (poor lighting, background, color of the floor, etc.)
  • • Stereo camera with 3D technology (high objects depicted in profile);
  • • It does not respond to shadows, reflections, and small objects.

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