EAS equipment

Since 40’s years of XX century, when started to appear a big number of stores with open displays, theft problem came to the foreground. This problem seemed to be solved when appeared the antitheft systems, but professional thefts found new ways to circumvent these systems.

The problems, which currently faced by shop owners:

  • theft among store’s staff;
  • foil bags and clothes;
  • theft in the store using your own remover (nowadays you could easy buy remover in the Internet);
  • false alarms of antitheft system, which causes discomfort for visitors;
  • organizing a large number of protracted tenders to select the supplier of a system;
  • problems with service.

However, it’s possible to protect goods from theft. It is Important to remember, that the most important thing is to use the most advanced and proven anti-theft systems, which, thanks to technological advances, are able to fool the thief.

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