Automatic fire extinguishing systems

Automatic fire extinguishing setting is a system, which activates automatically or in manual modem at the moment, when was exceeded the allowable values of monitored parameters in the end zone. Automatic fire extinguishing setting actuated either manually (by pressing the alarm) and also automatically. The exception is sprinkler setting, which actuated only automatically.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems could be following types:

  • gas fire suppression;
  • fire extinguishing;
  • foam extinguishing and water-foam firefighting;
  • powder fire;
  • aerosol fire-extinguishing system;
  • firefighting water mist.

The choice of automatic fire extinguishing setting depends of different factors. Depending on the purpose of the object and contained in its zone materials selects the most effective type of fire extinguishing systems and equipment of the plant itself.

Experts of ElementStore company always ready to get qualified consultation and suggest to you the system, which will approach exactly to your particular object.

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