Tracking systems

What is the reason to count the visitors?


Possibilities for stores and chains of stores

Estimate of the overall performance of stores:

  • Conversion rate is measure the overall effectiveness of the shop;
  • An objective estimate of brand’s popularity;
  • Making decision to increase the trade spaces using data about numbers of visitors;
  • Comparative analysis of attendance of individual stores belonging to a single chain;
  • Optimal planning of stores schedule according to the dynamics of visiting.

Strategy and tactical marketing planning:

  • Sales forecasting based on attendance data;
  • Estimate of competitors influence at the chain’s attendance;
  • Planning of promotional and marketing activities based on prognosis of attendance;
  • Determination of the effect of already performed promotional activities and marketing actions.

The increase in revenues of sales points:

  • Estimate efficiency of sales consultant’s work in trade floors;
  • Organizing the motivate system, depending on the conversion rate;
  • Optimization of cash operation. Count and forecast the ratio of visitors in the trading floor and the queues at the cash zone;
  • Merchandising – placement the most popular goods in the most attending areas.

Regulation the relation with landlords:

  • The reason to optimize the rents and location of the store in trade center.

Possibilities for trade centers

Estimate of the overall effectiveness of trade center:

  • Estimate of three contents for trade center success – location, concept and tenant mix;
  • Data of trade center’s attending. It is objective indicator of its popularity, one of the most important factors in indication the investment cost of trade center;
  • Estimate of the correct positioning of the trade center when entering the market;
  • Development and estimate the effectiveness of navigation system based on degree of traffic for each zone in trade center;
  • Estimate the average dwell time, spending in trade center;
  • Optimization of maintenance services and protection in accordance with the attendance.

Strategy and tactical marketing planning:

  • Planning of advertising and marketing activities in trade center based on forecast of attendance in days when scheduled events;
  • Determination of the effectiveness of individual tools of marketing, PR and advertising;
  • Tracking the impact of the activities of competitors on the trade center traffic.

Increased profitability of trade center:

  • The differentiated approach to the definition of rents based on the number of visitors tenants - a measure of their popularity;
  • Selling advertising space in the trade center in accordance with the number of visitors passing by.

Security in trade center


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