The company "Element Store" offers a comprehensive solution for automating inventory based on RFID technology. The basis of the solution is using of mobile RFID-reader of business class Motorola MC3190 (differently it is called the terminal of data collection (TDC)) and RFID tags that mark the goods / property, which have to be counted.

The basic components that make up the solution:

Handheld RFID-reader Motorola MC3190

Data collection terminal Motorola MC3190 is a universal device that is equally suitable for use in all user environments.

  • RFID-module provides increased reading speed and processing large data arrays per time unit.
  • Through the use of an omnidirectional antenna it allows you to accurately and quickly read all the data independently of the relative orientation of tag and reader.
  • As approaching of device to the target, frequency and volume of sound increase and sliding graphical bar also increases in size.
  • It combines the functionality of the RFID-tags reader and bar codes.



Software for data collection terminal

TDC uses the client application to read and visualize the information received, the interaction with the user, as well as is responsible for the transport system functions in the context of reception and transmission of information to the specified point.


Software that is integrated into 1C at the user workplace

The complete solution for inventory includes processing of software for 1С.8.2 (and higher) "Trade Management 11.1" and "Trade Management 10.3 ", integrated with the program for data collection terminals.





Most widespread types of RFID-tags. They have different sizes and distance of reading. They can be programmed by RFID printer or data collection terminal, with the possibility of adding visual information.



Trunk RFID hard tags

Trunk tags have a high degree of protection that allows using them in many areas, where there are special requirements for durability, reliability, tightness and environmental influences.

Trunk tags work on metallized surfaces, have a large number of form factors and applications.




The printer for printing RFID-tags

This device is designed for printing RFID tags with the given parameters. RFID-printers have two main functions: printing and encoding.

ElementStore - the exclusive partner of Nedap on the Russian market - offers a solution for fast inventory in the sales floor and the internal store’s warehouse.


The complex solution !D Starter Kit includes:

- RFID-tags;

- Handheld reader! D HAND.

To use the !D Starter Kit a user has to install on the iPhone (iPod, iPad) through the App Store the special application Store !D by the company Nedap.

Hereinafter the application needs to be integrated with a handheld scanner !D HAND, and then you can start inventory that has a few simple steps:

All items must be pre-marked with the RFID-tags, which store information about each product
In the application you need to add data about products, to create a database
Use a handheld scanner to scan all products and information will be appearing in the application in real time

If you will connect the antitheft antennas at the input groups to the inventory system or!D TOP, you could control the migration of goods between the warehouse and point of delivery.

"Smart" book shelf

Smart shelves - shelves equipped with antennas and a monitor that can display in real time their filling, wrong location of the files / folders and so on.

Scanners continuously check the shelves and determine whether the book is returned to its place. Using the smart shelves, it’s easy to detect, that the book was returned to the wrong shelf.

  • A new method of sorting
  • User-friendly interface, understandable for all ages
  • Automatic position checking
  • "Smart" shelf can be located anywhere in the library room
  • Direct registration of books’ positions is available for all customers
  • It’s important that reception area and sorting area are not separated

Self-service station

All that is required from the visitor - is to put a file or a stack of files on the table and insert a library ticket to the receiving device. All other processes happen automatically. Information about the movement of the object will be recorded in the system and in the reader's library ticket.

For user convenience, the station is equipped with a "touch screen" - all operations are performed by touching the monitor.

"Smart" trolley

Scanners continuously determine the books returned. When the trolley is completely filled with books, it can be easily disconnected and returned back to the library.

  • The trolley is easy to use
  • There are special trolleys designed for CD
  • It is easy to disconnect
  • "Smart trolley" can be used to review the books on the shelves
  • It reduces steps: makes possible to register more than 25% of the books in one day

The station of receiving and sorting

Automatic sorting stations represent a unique solution for saving time and easing the work of employees.

Configurable for up to 5 parameters, stations quickly and accurately sort the stream of books. All what an employee need to do is simply to replace a filled "smart" trolley for an empty one.

Tunnel reader

This mobile device allows you to instantly receive information about a lot of files. After passing a box with files or holders through a reader, the operator immediately receives all information about all items, their status and the future assignment.

  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Reduces expenditures of labor
  • Optimizes logistics processes
  • Scans boxes with several books: up to 30 pieces

Portable RFID-reader

Handheld RFID scanner is a portable device, which is necessary for providing timely information from a single shelf or a book-stack.

It’s enough to simply hold the scanner along a shelf or shelving, and its display will show information about the content.

If necessary, the obtained information can be easily transformed into popular file formats.

Antitheft gates

Antitheft system fulfills its direct function, protecting books against unauthorized removal of from the library building. The system consists of at least two antennas with built-in people counters. It’s also possible to install advertisement banners on the antitheft gates.


Such gates not only protect books, but also detect the number of visitors per hour, day, week, month and year.


It’s the original solution to dispatch or receive materials at a convenient time.

It’s Installed in places which can be accessed at any time 24/7.
It can be activated by a library ticket or a PIN code.

RFID labels

  • The receiver works on the barcode technology
  • It is necessary to mark every book with a RFID-tag
  • Tag does not contain the power source (passive tag)
  • A label can be attached to be invisible
  • Several objects can be read at the same time
  • Every label can be read and written

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