F&F retailer implements RFID technology from Nedap

U.K. retailer Tesco has partnered with Nedap to supply RFID readers for its large-scale technology deployment in 550 F&F clothing stores throughout the United Kingdom.

RFID led to 100% increasing of sales of Moods of Norway!

Scandinavian retailer Moods of Norway (MoN) implemented RFID technology in 14 of their brand stores for inventory efficiency.

Using RFID technology allows organizing "smart retail" of new level.

RFID technology and its application have been discussed by all advanced Internet users, however, we don't see the widespread use of RFID on the Russian market.

Public and special transport in Moscow will be equipped with RFID-tags

In the Moscow traffic management center and the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development was born the idea to provide public and special transport in Moscow with an advantage on the roads.

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